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Preformed ponds

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Preformed ponds

Preformed pondsDo you have the perfect area for a preformed pond? Here are some tips:

  • Electrical outlet - Your pond pump, filter, and water features will need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. For most people, this means that the preformed pond must be placed close to the house. But you could hire an electrician to add electricity to a remote location in your yard.
  • Slope - Will the pond be at the base of a slope? If it rains, water may carry debris (and even harmful fertilizers) down the slope and directly into the pond, harming your fish and plant life.
  • Surrounding foliage - Will there be trees around the pond? Trees have the benefit of shading the pond, but deciduous trees will shed their leaves during the fall, directly into your pond (a problem which can be addressed by using pond netting in the autumn). Also, large trees could have roots that could extend force to the side of the pond.

Preformed ponds are the fastest and easiest way to create a beautiful backyard sanctuary. For added beauty, you can use rocks or stacked stone to hide the preformed pond liner and make the pond appear more natural. Ponds are a perfect focal point in your yard. Here at PonDepot, we sell both preformed ponds, often appreciated for their ease of installation, and flexible pond liners, offering unlimited design flexiblity. Which pond liner is right for you?


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